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22nd November 2008

Team Members

Phil Jones - Cam

Victoria Kellaway - Cam / Digi Cam

Kelly Sheen - Cam / Digi Cam

Richard fry - Cam

Michelle Morris - Digi Cam

James Packer - Digi Cam / EVP

Liz Maguire - Medium - Dowsing / Seance

Phil McBride - Investigator

Robin Hall - Medium - Seance

The Team arrived around 9 pm to this ancient building steeped in over a 1000 years of history.

The team met John the owner and heard about some of the history of the building and what was there before.

John and 1 or 2 of the team went for a walk around. Once the tour was over the team gathered together sort out the equipment before the investigation started.

The team started in the Beaufort room and Liz and Robin picked up on 2 energy's within minutes. The energies of a woman and of a religious man were identified and light anomalies were caught on camcorder at this point.

Liz used the Tibetan singing bowl to encourage energies into area. She immediately picked up on an energy by James's feet, to which James found it difficult to stay still. This was thought to be a cat that is regularly seen in this room. The EVP recordings indicated a cat like sound which wasn't heard at the time of the investigation.

The team then moved into the Bishops room, where the team were met with an oppressive feeling. The team felt quite uneasy in this room. some of the team members led on the beds and Liz was sat in a chair, picked up an an energy that seemed petrified. Unfortunately Liz couldn't get much more information, as other things started to happen to other team members. Firstly Vicky became very very emotional for no reason, and was struggling to hold back the waterworks. Then Michelle had someone pull her hair and touch her neck. This un-nerved her greatly and felt quite uncomfortable. Kelly had felt pain in her fingers on her one hand and felt as if someone was holding her ankle.

The girls then decided to perform a seance with a glass to see what results would occur. It didn't take long for a reaction, the glass was moving freely and in response to various questions asked by the team members. Judging by the questions asked and the answers we received, it seemed we were in for a long night.

The team then moved to the oldest part of the building, the barn. the team stayed there for quite sometime, but unfortunately nothing was picked up in any way. So the team decided to move to the bar area.

Again the team conducted a seance and the results were almost instant. The glass moving to questions, and some questions were not said verbally as a test to see what the results would be !!

Several energies came forward and made themselves known. Some had a few surprises in store for some of the team !!!

One particular energy from the Pagan times was most prominent and affected a few of the team member in various ways.

Kelly was linked to this energy in a different time, Liz's mobile phone turned itself on and started playing various video files on its own accord!! Camera's started playing up and Phil had his hair pulled and heard a voice shout liar' in his ear, in response to a question that was being asked at the seance table across the other side of the room !!

An energy of a child and of a woman who worked at the Inn were also picked up. Temperature rose and dropped significantly and various parts of the room, where there were no drafts or windows.

this went on for quite sometime, so the decision was made for the team to split into 2 groups and the girls went upstairs and the boys stayed put in the bar area.

The boys were unsuccessfully at getting any more activity downstairs whilst the girls had some more luck with the seance upstairs in various rooms.

The team then regrouped and decided that time was getting on and the building being a private residence, that they had more than enough evidence for one night.

All in all it was a very successful evening with lots of activity and some very unusual occurrences.

The team will definitely be visiting again in the future...

A massive thank you to John for allowing us to enter his stunning home, a good luck to him with the up keep and restoration of one of the oldest buildings in the uk..