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Formed way back in 2007, Ghost Watchers Inc... is a self styled, warm, friendly and professional non profit paranormal investigation team with 25+ years experience in the paranormal.

We are passionate about the paranormal, and strive to understand it's countless mysteries. The aim is to disprove, before trying to establish if anything paranormal is occurring, and have a great reputation for professionalism. Our public liability insurance offers piece of mind, and allows us to investigate some amazing locations around the UK.

We go about this using old and new techniques, as well as comment sense and various types of equipment. This we feel helps cover all aspects of our research, and allows us to look at the investigation from different points of view. We also like to use and test experimental equipment, and adapt kit to fulfill the teams requirements.

We have appeared on BBC Radio 4 in a program called The League Of Gentlemen Ghost Chase, SKY TV Pick Channel 'Britain's Scariest Hauntings' Ancient Ram Inn Episode and other media shows, and also had regular slot on a USA paranormal network Cable and Internet station, with some 2.5 million viewers.

We have conducted many investigations, with some fantastic results and personal experiences over the years, and yet we still seek to record more evidence of the paranormal realm.

After each investigation we spend hours upon hours of sifting through all of the recorded media to look for evidence. This in turn helps us establish if the location is active, or just natural phenomena. We then provide this evidence for review, for you, the public to make up your own mind as to what we have captured, is paranormal or not. Our investigations are thorough, professional and carried out with respect and dignity at all times, to the living and of course the possible spirits that dwell in the locations.

If you have strange goings on, or unexpected things occurring in your home, or place of work, please get in touch. We do not charge for our services, and are always on hand to help people and give piece of mind. We would love to hear from you about your experiences, and any strange happenings and experiences that you, or a friend have witnessed, or unusual pictures or video, or audio footage that you have captured.

On occasions, we may take members of the public on location if they wish to experience a night of paranormal investigation. This can be an exciting and thrilling experience, and we offer guidance in the use of some of the equipment that we use, as well as your own, to give you the best chance of capturing some evidence. We have also hosted events for charity raising over £3,000 in the process and plan to do many more.

If you would like to take part in an investigation with us, please contact us and we will keep you up to date with information as to when these events will happen.

15th November 2019

A local Inn had asked me to investigate the premises due to recent unexplained activity.

After a small initial investigation, some EVP recordings were captured using a standard and a Raudive microphone. The investigation is on going with Phil carrying out the investigation.


23rd November 2019

The Landlady of the Inn has just contacted me and told me that a resident has experienced some poltergeist activity in the room which is that main focus of the investigation, also has seen something in the same room, what exactly is unknown at this time.


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