September 6th 2008

Team Members

Phil Jones - Cam / EVP

Vicky Kellaway - Digi Cam / EVP

Richard Fry - Digi Cam / Cam

(Tina, Jessica and Shirley Roberts, Saz Jennings and Michelle Morris- Guests)

Ghost Watch Wales Team - Hosts

After the kit was all sorted and the base camp set up, we conducted a walk round with the Ghost Watch Wales team around the venue as it was quite vast and needed to know the layout as the building had 3 upper floors and a big cellar.

The Ghost Watchers Inc team took the cellar first and divided into 2 groups starting either end. Within minutes a guest member screamed out as her hair was violently pulled without anyone being near her. This unsettled the group as they feared what was in store for them over the next 8 hours !!!

Lots of orb activity was recorded on camcorder in this area and Geriant (Medium) from Ghost Watch Wales picked up on a the energy of an angry 14yr old boy who was responsible for lots of the activity in that area.

The team then entered one of the side rooms where some major activity was to take place.

A presence was felt and Phil asked out for conformation of spirit by asking for taps 2 for yes and 1 for no, and was immediately answered by 2 loud knocks. At this point light anomaly activity was at a very high level, especially in response to questions.

There were drips from the ceiling from that particular room, but the responsive knocks were in time to the questioning and were of a different sound to the dripping. More and more light anomaly were caught on camera and more knocks recorded.

The team then moved to the top floor, and started room by room investigations.

A seance was held in the end room where a spirit of a little girl called Sarah was picked up on by the group. More and more light anomaly were recorded. Pushing of various members of the group occurred as the spirit was asked to join the circle.

The next few rooms on the floor offered a variety of more light anomaly and tapings on a large scale.

On the 2nd floor there was more light activity and tapings, but on the first floor nothing was picked up on initially.

By this time , everyone needed a cuppa and some food. Whilst the main group were outside having a fag break and a coffee, several loud bangs were heard on the first floor by Rich, Michelle and Team Leader Phil.

They immediately grabbed the kit and run up the stairs to investigate. There were no other team members in the building at that time apart from them. The banging then continued on the 2nd floor to which the trio reacted and ran to the location. where there they were greeted with several orbs on the stairs and tested the doors to see if that what was making the noises. Then the trio heard murmuring and groaning down the corridor followed by very fast bouncing and random path orbs. They entered the room to where the orbs seemed to be coming from and immediately hit cold spots and various orbs again which suddenly stopped.

The team all reunited and headed to the cellar where they got the planchette out in a bid to get some spirit writing activity.

This proved fruitless but major noises were emitting from the corridor.

The whole group then headed to the church in the building to hold a seance. At first the activity was minimal with a few spirit children showing themselves to the group but not drawing close. in a bid to attract the more powerful energy within the building, Phil antagonized the known dominant spirit in the building with dramatic effects.

The more Phil antagonized, the more reaction was given. Very heavy stomping up and down the stairs and corridor near the group were heard by everyone in the building. The whole feel of the place changed and became oppressive, and the stamping grew louder and nearer with loud mumbling heard a few feet away !! All members of the group were accounted for and were not the cause of the noises being witnessed.

Various mini vigils were held but nothing major was recorded, so the team separated into groups of 2 or 3 and went to separate rooms. One of the groups consisting witnessed heavy footsteps in the corridor outside and thought it was another member of the team joining them when the footsteps stopped at the door which was open. the team could see into the corridor and thought that maybe the person in the corridor was stood to the side of the doorway. When they looked there was no one in the corridor at all.

Very spooked by this occurrence the group joined another and made their way to the room at the end where all the other groups had arrived. Within seconds, the medium picked up on several children within the room.

There were numerous orbs captured on camera within this room at this time. Rapid pictures were taken to see if there was movement in these light anomaly, which there were. One of the group was sat on the floor when she felt a presence nearby. after a while she started to feel drained and exhausted.The medium informed her that a girl of around 5 -7 yrs old was huddled up to her side. Eventually the decision was made to leave as it was starting to effect avery one in the room.

By this time the sun was up and 7am loomed, so the decision was taken to call an end to the investigation.

It was a very active night with physical, audio and visual evidence being captured. As the team was packing up there were lots of noises coming from on the first floor, with all team members accounted for in the downstairs room or outside packing up the cars..

I think it is pretty fair to say that there is something very very special about this haunted location !!

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