Date 23rd June 2009

Team Members

Phil Jones - Cam

Kelly Sheen - Cam / Digi Cam

Victoria Kellaway - EVP

Tasha Martin - EVP \ Thermometer

Richard fry - Cam

Michelle Morris - Digi Cam

James Packer - Digi Cam / EVP


Paul Trueman - Digi Cam

Vicky Trueman - Digi Cam

Helen Sjoberg - Digital Thermometer


The team and guests arrived at 9 pm eager to delve into this venue because of it's reputation as one of the most haunted houses in the UK.

After an initial walk around and equipment check the whole team moved into the attic and upper floor areas. In the attic in particular an unwelcome feeling was felt by members of the team. Shadows were spotted moving independently at the far end of the attic, light anomalies being captured on digi cams.

The team then moved location to one of the bedrooms and carried out a glass seance with fascinating results. The glass moved vigorously in response to spoken and non spoken questions. Various light anomalies were captured in this area.

The team then split into a few groups to cover various areas of the building. Some members carried on with the seance whilst others held vigils in various room within the Manor.

In the out buildings (Old monks walkway to the church) various knocks were heard and fast moving light anomalies were captured on Camcorder.

In the other rooms where the team were residing, various activity took place from shadows being spotted moving without any light source to tap and bangs, and the reaction in the glass seance.

The teams had a tea break or 2 as time was getting on and then resumed going into the different bedrooms of the property.

Things seemed to quiet down at this stage seance wise , but people seeing shadows and dark shapes moving in 1 bedroom in particular.

In a later seance, one of the team became aggressive at the noise being made by the Tibetan singing bowel. They became very agitated and had to be removed from the building to calm down.. Some minutes later, they returned with no recollection of the events what so ever..

After this the teams had 1 more look in the bedrooms and at this stage caught some fascinating light anomalies on the video equipment..

By this time, the team were getting tired and the team decided to call it a night.

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