31st october 2008

Team Members

Phil Jones - Cam

Kelly Sheen - Cam / Digi Cam

Richard fry - Cam

Michelle Morris - Digi Cam

James Packer - Digi Cam / EVP

The Team arrived around 9 pm to this magnificent building. After saying hello's to the Ghost Watch Wales Team, and other guests the team quickly set up the kit and went on a walk round to get the feel for the place...

From the onset, things were being heard, door bangs, footsteps etc, this was going to be an active night !!!

As soon as the team moved off to the upper floor next to the very active Nursery, things went very quiet. No light anomalies or sounds were heard. The team held a seance around the table,and activated the EVP equipment with some very mixed results... It seemed that what ever was there was holding back and not wanting to join in. the odd footstep was heard but nothing of any major relevance.

Questions were asked and not much in the way of responses were heard, so a different approach was needed.

Kelly used her pendulum to try and get some activity going, which seemed to work for a while, but then activity died down again.

The team then moved to a different location, and a few of the members felt as if they were being watched from a distance.and followed where ever they went. Another seance was held with a glass on a table, but proved fruitless, apart from flashing lights of different colours being spotted on several occasions in the one doorway. all the stops were being pulled out, but the activity just wouldn't step up a gear. So it was decided that it was a good time to get some hot drinks in and some food.

after this, the team started to investigate the ground floor area. again nothing much seemed to be happening until thee team held a vigil with the Planchette in the study. A few light anomalies were caught on film which was the most visual they had seen on camera all night. The planchette did move, but not as much as it was hoped, but still at least this was some activity.

The team then moved outside to the old Chapter House with Youlande from Ghost Watch Wales. In the actual remains of the Chapter House, Rich had some very strange things happen to him. In one particular spot, he kept loosing his balance as if being pushed...

This happened several times, but no one else in the team encountered this..Yet !!!

there was an experiment that everyone carried out within one archway of the ruins.. One by one everyone took turns to stand in this archway with some interesting results. it varied from people almost falling over to people going up on tip toes.

Youlande revealed that there was a Lay Line that run right through the centre of the arch and the effect it had on most of the group was very interesting.

The team then returned to the castle to conduct one more vigil upstairs in an attempt to get some major activity happening.

At this point , some of the other people who had come along decided to call it a night as time was getting on..

So GWI held a seance once again with the glass on the table. the whole castle was much quieter now and more sounds could clearly be heard. Footsteps moved right up to the table where the team were sat and could be heard plainly walking around the group. After asking out several times, the glass moved in response to questions. Not a great distance but enough to be seen by camera and felt by the members who had lightly placed their fingers upon the glass. As time went on, the glass moved several times and some of the movements were quite significant.

Richard felt his arm being squeezed very hard and didn't really have any control over it, he reported of his arm feeling very very odd and that the grip was getting harder and then it suddenly released!!!

To ensure no single person was moving it themselves' the team each in turn took their finger off and still the glass continued to move. this went on for quite sometime until it finally stopped and the whole atmosphere within the room changed.

It seemed as though at this point whatever and whoever was moving the glass had had enough of playing and just stopped.

The team were really pleased that this had happened as it had been quite a quiet night. So the joint decision was made to wrap things up and call it a night. All in all Margam castle is a very interesting and yet sometimes frustrating place. the team will definitely return to try and encourage more activity next time.

The day before the team arrived a tv crew were interviewing Geriant from Ghost Watch Wales, and a figure of a grey woman is clearly seen on the film footage ascending the stairs. I t is thought that this is the Lady of the house, and is seen quite regularly. but unfortunately for GWI it wasn't to be them who saw her on this investigation.

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