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4th July 2008

Team Members

Phil Jones - Cam / EVP

Vicky Kellaway - Digi Cam

Kelly Sheen - Cam / Digi Cam

Richard Fry - Digi Cam

Firstly we would like to thank the Ghost Watch Wales Team for an outstanding and very interesting investigation and their outstanding advice and help ...

It was our first investigation as a new team (minus a few members who were unable to attend), and what an interesting one it was !!

After the initial run down and talk with Geriant and Youlande from Ghost watch Wales we set about our tasks.

After the initial walk round, Vicky and Kelly started to film the various rooms within the bunker complex and Phil and Rich split up to cover as much of the area as possible.

For a while there was no official contact, but a definite feeling of un easiness and sadness.

Things took a while to start to happen, various team members heard a whistle from different ends of the complex, which after discussion was concluded that it resembled a train type whistle. Unfortunately this wasn't caught on camera or on EVP.

Then Geriant picked up on a spirit energy within one of the rooms. Experiments were carried out to determine the presence. One of which included the spirit being asked to push certain members of the team in their backs (without their knowledge), to which the spirit obliged on nearly all of the group !!

Whilst this was happening, a lot of light anomalies were caught on the camcorders which all seemed to be coming from the area to where the spirit was located.

It was decided then, with the use of a Tibetan Singing Bowl to hold a seance to try to encourage the spirits to come forward. The pendulum was also used at this point.

There wasn't much going on, so an end was called to the seance.

But when we moved outside of the room, Geriant had a message from spirit for one of our team (which when checked on later that day) was very very accurate.

Then there was an overwhelming sense of sadness and people within the group started to feel upset and in pain ..

Geriant immediately picked up on a spirit that was killed in the munitions explosion who made himself known to a few members within the group..

After this we, separated as it wouldn't be long before we headed into the woods to do some vigils. phil and Rich wandered off to do some more filming, when Phil thought he saw something ( was to be true when the film was checked a few days later)..

Then the decision was made to move on to the next location, when Rich witnessed a white figure, literally within arms reach walk along side him then moved off and vanished before his very eyes ( thought to be the same spirit as captured by Phil's camcorder ).

The woods were a total different prospect, in the way of noises etc..

The team had to take into consideration the wildlife etc that move around and generate noise and movement.

After walking for sometime into the woods, the team held a seance in one of the most active parts of the forest for spirit activity...

at this point not a lot was happening , so the team moved off further into the woods.

The team then noticed things that weren't normal to be happening in the forest. Voices were heard speaking broad welsh, within a few meters of the team, when there was no one else around within 2 miles..

Then people started seeing light anomalies (candle style lantern lighting) moving and weaving between the trees within the woods.

Some movement was picked up on night vision, which further study is needed, but with the digital camera's all sorts of light anomalies were recorded.

The team couldn't conduct any EVP as the wind really started to pick up at this point.The activity in the woods reduced so a decision was made to head onto the dunes by the beach were people had seen survivors of wrecks wandering across the sand looking for help, and had actually seen a ship also.

When we got to the beach area the weather started to take a turn for the worse, and the conditions got worse to the point where proper experiments etc could not be carried out..