August 2008

Team Members

Phil Jones - Cam / EVP

Vicky Kellaway - Digi Cam

Kelly Sheen - Cam / Digi Cam a

Richard Fry - Digi Cam

Kev - Digi Cam (Guest Member)

 After we had set up our equipment and decided who was going where, we set off to start in the cellar area.

The team splint into 2 groups whilst the Ghost Watch Wales team tackled the upstairs area.

Kelly and Vicky and Rich asked out on several occasions, for some signs of communication and were rewarded with several taps, as well as some still images of orbs. They also felt a presence surrounding them in the top area of the cellar which was causing them to be short of breath and feeling some kind of sensation in the chest area..

Phil and Kev heard some clicking sounds in one part of the the cellar, and when they investigated were immediately hit with an intimidating atmosphere and the area went ice cold. When the boys asked out, there was little response and what ever was causing the atmosphere they felt moved away and dissipated.

The team then regrouped and was joined by Medium Geriant from Ghost Watch Wales who immediately picked up on 2 little girls stood in the corner of one of the rooms. No light anomalies were caught here, but there was some very interesting EVP'S recorded which sounds like a child's voice.

After this Vicky and Kelly wanted to try ask out on their own so, Phil, Rich and Kev moved of to another side part of the cellar. The room felt very un welcoming and the lads heard several taps and bangs when they asked out for responses. Then at one point Phil's Camcorder shut itself off, and also Vicky's digi cam at the same time, and at this point more EVP's were caught of a mans voice saying "Harold".

The team was then joined by all of the other people that were present at the investigation for a seance in the bedroom of a little girl who had died there. A number of things occurred, Phil was touched on the leg, Vicky, Kelly and Geriant felt a presence and one small light anomalie was caught on camcorder.

Kev who was stood outside the seance circle, witnessed what he thought was a shape of a foot and part of a leg walk past him near a doorway. Being a skeptic, he was quite taken back by what he saw and couldn't explain it as all other team members were present and accounted for.

Then the teams went for some food and a cuppa before resuming the investigation while the EVP was left running with a trigger object nearby.

On returning, the trigger object was still in place and the EVP had recorded nothing of significance. The team was about to move location when Kelly heard movement in one of the rooms.. Phil entered into the room as he was the closest to it, closely followed by the remainder of the team. Members of the team started surveying in silence the room and were hearing audible noises of something shuffling about. Phil walked towards the fire place and immediately reported that he felt he had moved into like a barrier of something, then something right in font of him shouted in his face, which was caught on camera and heard by everyone in the room. Very startled by this as it was absolute pitch black darkness, he moved back to where the noise was heard where Geriant said he could see a man standing by the fireplace who didn't want us to be there.

The team then moved upstairs to carry out some seance's with Geriant, but apart from a little bit of movement being heard and some small flashing lights near the wall and the presence of the old curator felt, nothing much happened.

The team returned back to the Library where they had base camp and carried out one more seance there as it was the only room which hadn't been investigated as yet.

During the seance, nothing seemed to be happening then one of the computers in the office turned itself on. The group then asked if that was spirit causing this to happen, could it do it again, at which point another pc and a monitor turned themselves on and the all shut down at the same time..

As time was getting on, it was then decided that the investigation would finnish there on a high.

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